Physical School VS Online School

Hi Folks,

I am Aadhavan and today, I am going to tell you about how it feels to be in Physical School or Offline School rather than attending Online or Homeschool.

It comes from the fact of course as everyone knows it.

These are some of the Benefits and Disadvantages of attending Schools from Home

1. Framerate Stuttering even on high-end devices in some dense or remote areas.

This is first major disadvantage of attending online schools. It happens due to network issues or when you are in or live in a remote island(a island which is far away from any country or state and big enough to fit only one big or small house and a Lighthouse). Islands like these have no Network towers and even if they have towers like the mentioned type. They still aren’t maintained well nor used.

Man is frustrated because there is no internet

2. Straining of Eyes by sitting in front of the computer for a long time.

This is second major disadvantage of attending online schools. We students and teachers are put into the risk of getting conjuntivitis (pinkish – red eyes) by sitting in front of a computers for hours and hours. To prevent conjuntivitis,

  1. We should wait at least 60 mins or 1 hour before watching TV.
  2. We should walk and play outside after hours of devices.
  3. We shouldn’t sit near the TV, Always keep 6 feet distance when watching TV.
A Man is sitting and doing work on his computer

3. Do not use phones to attend an online exam.

Phone and Tab

It’s because, The phone or tab have small and medium screens to see the paper and strains our eyes easily in just 20 to 30 mins. So, always opt for the Big screen which is the PC which eyes get strained after 3 to 4 hours.

And now, These are some of the Disadvantages and Benefits of attending Physical school.

  1. You and We get to see your/our friends again.
  2. Social Distancing is Important.
  3. No Gathering and Sharing.
  4. Wear a mask and have a sanitizer or hand wash soap at all times when you are attending school.
People Gathering together
People sharing food with each other

And, that all folks.

Remember folks, Prevention is better than Cure

And hope that one day, we will be as we used to be before the coronavirus showed up.

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